Over de Honours Academy

De Honours Academy faciliteert het extracurriculaire honoursonderwijs van de Universiteit Leiden. De Honours Academy is een samenwerkingsverband van de zeven faculteiten van de Universiteit Leiden en zodoende een bovenfacultaire onderwijsorganisatie.

Nieuws en agenda

LLP Alumni Seminar with Dr. Anna Dolidze

Dr. Anna Dolidze, parliamentary secretary of the Georgian President, spoke to the alumni of the Leiden Leadership Programme about her personal leadership, the matryoshka problems in Georgia, and on being a fox and definitely not a hedgehog.

Refugee Roads: Biking the Balkan refugee route

In less than two years’ time, Florian Volz and Timo Schmidt, both German students studying International Studies in The Hague, went from knowing each other only vaguely to sharing a small tent and a bank account. Sounds like any other ordinary relationship, right? Well, not exactly. These two Honours students spent two and a half months biking the Balkan route, which takes many Middle Eastern refugees from the Greek island Lesbos, the stepping stone to Europe, to the Calais jungle, the last stop before boarding a ferry to the UK. Last week they screened the first episode in the series, chronicling their experiences travelling to refugee camps.